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  Her Majesty  The Queen Elizabeth

About Romania

Vasile & Elena Popa
are friend of British Monarchy

                                   Elena Popa: Vicepresident  Cultural Association "Bucovina"

                                       Vasile Popa: President Cultural  Association "Bucovina"
I am Vasile  Popa president of the "CULTURAL TRADITIONS ASSOCIATION                                                                                                   Our Association was founded in 2010 for the discovery and promotion of unique cultural  traditions from "Bucovina land`s Monasteries " - Romania but also from other countries.
I am very passaionate about british ; culture, traditions, civiliziation and history of British Monarchy.
We are fascinated by the cultural traditions and civilization of the English people can be a model for Romania, which now needs a moral compass that can restore the monarchy.
I am also  involved in saving the oldest nature reserves in Europe,
"Secular Forests Slatioara" located :  Stulpicani - Suceava - Romania.
Details :
I was very impressed by the personal involvement of His Majesty Prince Charles, nature protection projects "Save the Virgin Forests" of Romania and cultural traditions.
We are very impressed with how they  present and promote the real image of ROMANIA. He`s a greatest ambassador of Romania.Thank`s Majesty.
Our Association has decide to give HRH Princes Charles "Excelnta Diploma" in 2013.
We would be very pleased if Her Majesty "Princes Charles" will help us in this project Bucovina is a region of grand natural and cultural landscapes – mountains, forests, meadows; big animals – bears, wolves, lynx, red deer, eagles and eagle-owls; excellent local food, warm hospitality and friendly people.
If you want to discover the real Romania, I invite you to plan a holiday in Bucovina.We would be very pleased if you join in our club.
  Membership is free

 Secretar  of  Charity Association
Mr.Vasile Popa Jr.   -    Edmonton  Bexley Gardens N 9 3j    
Mail :  vpopa49@yahoo.com  or culture_association@yahoo.com
Mobile: 0044-759.323.3834
CONTACT AS: In Romania
Mail  ; culture_association@yahoo.com    vpopa49@yahoo.com  
Mis. Elena PopaVicepresident  association
Mr .  Vasile Popa    President association